TSG Service Agents provide a 12 month materials / labour warranty on all materials sourced/ provided by TSG, however service calls generated by elements outside its sphere of influence will be chargeable to the client/ customer at the agreed call charges.


In scenarios where a client/ customer requests a secondary service call after the initial date of the installation, the client/ customer will be instructed at the point of call booking, that a call charge will be incurred if the service providers assessment identifies fault conditions/ causes outside the limitations of the standard installation warranty (Force Majeure etc)

The service provider/ nominated contractors reserve the right to undertake an ‘Assessment call’ without prejudice to investigate all customer complaints relating to materials failure/ poor workmanship to assess if the complaint is valid.

Assessment calls raised by the client/ customers for reasons outside the service providers sphere of influence/ responsibility covered by the standard installation 12 month materials warranty (TSG Supplied), will incur the appropriate call charge for labour /additional materials.


  • 1 – Accidental Damage:
    The antenna assembly is knocked off alignment by high winds, Window Cleaner/ other Installer.
  • 2 – Malicious Damage:
    The antenna assembly is physically damaged (vandalised)
  • 3 – Incorrect Diagnosis:
    The customer’s Access card/ STB EPG Software are identified as being faulty.
  • 4 – Material Failure (Pre Supplied):
    The customers/ clients pre supplied equipment (Digital Receiver - STB, PVR, IDTV with Freeview built-in) is found to be faulty/ miss-configured/ incorrectly connected with existing equipment
  • 5 – Force Majeure:
    The antenna is knocked off alignment or damaged by natural causes such as storm or lightning damage/ water ingress - Bad weather/ high winds etc
  • 6 – Broadcast Changes:
    The Customers service is affected by broadcaster/ broadcast authority/ transmission platform changes/ over air upgrades/ modifications after the point of installation, causing loss of service/ specific channels etc. Channel availability may change without warning) (Digital receiver – STB, PVR, IDTV with Freeview built-in) is found to be faulty/ miss-configured with existing equipment

Aerial Warranty