A summary of a Standard digital aerial installation is detailed below. If you think that your own installation may have factors outside of these points, please read the non standard installation page.


  1. Aerial installations completed on proof of a valid purchase (Voucher/ Receipt).
  2. Aerial installation services provided to support DOMESTIC Customers only.
  3. Aerial installation work would be based upon a ‘Standard call’ which is defined as requiring a 1 man installation team to install a ‘Standard’ set of materials onto a property of two storeys or less in height (Domestic).
  4. Service Agents/ Contractors will be required to undertake/ complete aerial installation calls in accordance with the agreed technical specifications (CAI) and current H&S guidelines (Dish alignment/ cable routing etc).
  5. The provision, installation and alignment of digital aerial which is suitable for receiving the available Freeview or DAB terrestrial services in a good signal reception area (Aerial type/size is site specific – A standard Freeview Installation is based upon a 13 – 15 Element aerial – CAI Bench Marked) – Aerial upgrades may be required in marginal/ poor reception areas that require increased signal levels for stable reception.
  6. The provision and installation of standard mounting brackets - Site specific (Wall mount).
  7. The Provision and installation of a suitable Mast Head Amplification (MHA) or distribution amplification to facilitate the defined/ agreed number of signal outlets – ‘Option Specific’.
  8. The provision and installation of a surface mounted downlead cable/cables (CAI Bench marked type) up to 15m in length to a suitable position for connection to the customer’s equipment (Digital Set Top Box/ PVR/ IDTV with Freeview built-in). The number of downlead cables is dependent upon the option selected – Options 1 - 4).
  9. All wall entry holes will be properly sealed against the elements using silicon sealant and appropriate internal/ external weather covers.
  10. The downlead cable shall be terminated using a durable ‘IEC’ type cable connector.
  11. A final assessment of received terrestrial services (Freeview/ DAB) will be carried out to confirm that the new service is operational to agreed levels (coverage restrictions apply).
  12. The recording and sign off of all relevant call details using a generic CCR document (Call Completion Record).

Note: Digital aerial installations should always be installed by professional installers using the latest digital test equipment to ensure trouble free reception.
Don't forget local digital reception is governed by transmitter coverage' so always check you coverage using the Digital UK postcode checker –

Standard Aerial Installation Bracketry