The Freeview Signal Assessment is specifically designed for Viewers who wish to establish if their existing aerial system is suitable for stable Freeview reception.


  1. In situations where the attending Engineer identifies that the existing aerial system is not suitable for Freeview reception, the Engineer will offer practical guidance and a range of cost effective solutions to remedy the problem.
  2. (Postcode checking is always recommended as coverage restrictions do apply)
  3. The Freeview Signal Assessment option includes the following:
  4. The attending Engineer will assess the Viewers existing aerial system to determine its suitability for the reception of Freeview services. This incorporates a visual inspection of the aerial to establish aerial orientation to a digital transmitter and aerial suitability for DTT Freeview type services.
  5. The assessment also includes a physical inspection of the existing downlead cabling to the Freeview receiver, cable termination (Connectors) and product connection/ set up (Receiver Tuning etc)
  6. The Engineer will then proceed to carry out a detailed signal assessment using digital test equipment to establish which Freeview services are being received at that specific outlet point within the property.(Service availability is dependent upon coverage)
  7. On completion of the described inspection the attending Engineer will outline the available digital services to the Viewer and then make practical recommendations to what remedial works may be required to obtain the desired services. (Only if required!)
  8. In situations where adequate DTT signals are available at the outlet point for Freeview reception the Engineer will use a digital receiver or a piece of digital test equipment to demonstrate the received services are working correctly.
  9. Viewers wishing to upgrade their existing aerial installation may arrange to do so at the point of Signal Assessment visit by adopting one of our fixed price Freeview Aerial Upgrade Options.
  10. Please note that ‘Non Standard’ installations may facilitate the need for additional materials & labour and any additional elements will be chargeable at the point of installation.
  11. The signal assessment costs £49 which is non-refunadable from the moment the engineer attends site. Parts and additional labour may apply and will be quoted by the engineer when onsite and customer are under no obligation to proceed with additional works.

Don't forget local digital reception is governed by transmitter coverage' so always check you coverage using the Digital UK postcode checker –

Signal Test Equipment