TSG Freeview Aerial Upgrade Options are designed to be used in conjunction with the TSG Freeview Signal Assessment option and provides Viewers with secure route to professional digital upgrade services. (Please note the described upgrades may only be purchased at the time of visit)


The illustrated Aerial Upgrade options are defined as a ‘Standard’ option requiring a 1 Man installation team to install a ‘Standard’ set of materials below gutter height onto a domestic property of two storeys or less in height.
All TSG Freeview Aerial Upgrade options come with a 12 month warranty and include the installation of the following materials:

  • A new High Quality Television Aerial enhanced for Freeview reception. (The Aerial type will be a LOG Periodic or Yagi Type, however in some weaker areas a 52 Element High Gain Aerial may be required and possibly Masthead Amplification, extra charges may apply and will be quoted before any works commence)
  • A High Quality Aluminium or Galvanised Steel Mounting Bracket and if required a an Aerial mast up to 6ft in length. Extra large bracketry and poles also available if required, extra charges may apply and will be quoted before any works commence.
  • A SINGLE surface mounted external downlead cable up to 15m in length fitted between the Aerial and the Customers Freeview receiver)
  • The downlead cable is terminated with high quality durable cable connector ready for direct connection to the Freeview receiver.
  • All wall entry holes will be properly sealed against the elements using silicon sealant and appropriate internal/ external weather covers.
  • On completion, the attending Engineer will carry out a final assessment of received Freeview services to confirm that the new service is fully operational (coverage restrictions apply)

Please note Customers wishing to customise their ‘Standard’ installation option may arrange to do so at the point of installation. ‘Non Standard’ installations may facilitate the need for additional materials & labour and any additional elements will be chargeable at the point of installation. Further information regarding Standard, Non Standard installation options is clearly illustrated on the relevant pages within the website.

Description Signal Reception Conditions Aerial Sizes Charge (Inc Vat)
Aerial Upgrade A Good Signal Reception Area 13 – 15 Element £49.00
Aerial Upgrade B Average Signal Reception Area 18 – 32 Element £69.00
Aerial Upgrade C Poor Signal Reception Area 48 – 52 Element £89.00


Digital Aerial Types

Good Signal Reception Area – Aerial Upgrade Option A

Average Signal Reception Area – Aerial Upgrade Option B

Poor Signal Reception Area – Aerial Upgrade Option C

Freesat Satellite Install