The illustrated Freeview Digital Aerial Installation Option provides a SINGLE signal feed to TWO separate locations within the dwelling.
This option is designed for use with a Freeview Set Top Box (STB), Freeview Television (IDTV) or Personnel Video Recorder (PVR).


  • The provision, installation and alignment of an approved digital aerial which is suitable for the local reception in a ‘GOOD’ signal coverage area. (13 - 15 element type aerial)
  • The provision and installation of a galvanised wall mounting bracket below gutter height on a domestic property up to two storeys in height - Site specific
  • The provision and installation of suitable aerial masting –Site specific (Up to 6ft in length)
  • The provision and installation of suitable (Double Screened) Mast Head/ Distribution amplification and respective Power Supply Units (PSU) to facilitate the defined/ agreed number of signal outlets (2)
  • The provision and installation of TWO surface mounted downlead cables up to 15m in length to a suitable position for connection to the Viewers equipment (Digital STB/ PVR/ IDTV)
  • All wall entry holes will be properly sealed against the elements using silicon sealant and appropriate internal/ external weather covers
  • The downlead cable shall be terminated using a durable ‘IEC’ type cable connector which allows the cable to be connected directly to the digital receiver.
  • The final assessment of received terrestrial services (DTT/ Freeview) to confirm that the new service is operational to agreed levels following the aerial system installation. (coverage restrictions apply)
Aerial Install Option 2