Additional Elements:

In some situations, additional ad-hoc costs may be incurred for ‘Non standard’ items.
Here are some of the additional chargeable elements, which may be required to effectively complete the installation in a safe and professional manner.

  • Specialised access equipment - Hoists/ Cranes/ Scaffolding etc
  • Three-storey properties – Extra long ladders
  • Extra labour requirements (2 Man Team/ SIT)

(To overcome technical/ lifting/ safety issues/ Site Access issues)

  • Specialised mounting materials/ equipment

(Extra large Brackets/ Mounts, Extended Masting etc)

  • Extended cable runs (Over 15m in length to an output point)
  • Non Standard/ additional signal amplification requirements
  • Specialised signal filters (cluster filters/ levellers etc)
  • Specialised cable management requirements (Conduit/ trunking/ catenery wire etc)
  • Road closure – permits etc
  • Ad-hoc long distance travel allowance (Highlands/ Islands etc)

These additional elements would be deemed to fall outside the definition of a ‘standard’ call and therefore be agreed and submitted to the client/ customer on an ad-hoc basis (COD).

It is reasonable to expect that a small percentage of installation sites will exist outside the normal bounds of a ‘Standard’ type installation – Example larger buildings/ older design building/ bespoke complexes etc.

Due to the general complexity and technical nature of these special sites, TSG reserve the rights to discuss the technical requirements of such sites with the client/customer and then agree/ submit installation charges on an ad- hoc basis for the said sites with the Customers agreement

Non Standard Aerial Installation