Digital Switchover is now upon us and thanks to Government advertising many Viewers are now aware that they need a suitable aerial which can provide a robust signal to their digital receiver (Set Top Box (STB) or Integrated Digital Television (IDTV)

The good news is that Viewers don't need to worry about the technical details associated with Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) or DAB reception because the Total Support Group (TSG) offer a wide range of professional digital aerial installation services to overcome the majority of reception problems.

All of our Freeview/ DAB aerial installations are carried out by professional installation teams
to the highest recognised standards using the latest digital test equipment.

More importantly TSG installation teams always assess the local signal reception conditions to establish the best mounting position and most suitable type of aerial for the installation.
We believe our technical expertise in digital terrestrial reception will help to provide the right solution for your Freeview/ DAB reception difficulties!
Digital Aerial Installation options incorporate high quality materials which have been approved for digital reception. (Aerials, Amplifiers, Cable, etc)

Standard Digital Aerial Installation Options Include:

  • Professional & experienced installation Engineers
  • High quality aerials as standard
  • Robust wall mounting brackets (Galvanised finish)
  • Durable aerial masting (Aluminum/ Steel)
  • Double screened downlead cables (External/Surface Mounted)
  • All digital signals are measured for quality/ signal level
  • Single or multi room/ outlet options are available
  • 1 year parts warranty on all installations


Don't forget local digital reception is governed by transmitter coverage' so always check you coverage using the Digital UK postcode checker –

TSG Freeview Aerial Installation