Due to the nature of terrestrial broadcasts it is always recommended that Clients/ viewers undertake a Digital UK postcode check to ascertain what digital services are potentially available at a particular site/ dwelling

Primary postcode checker facility:

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Alternatively Freeview HD postcode checker facility:

While the Postcode checkers help us to ascertain if a dwelling/ site is with a digital coverage area it is import to note that these systems are based on theoretical coverage mapping which is generally based upon spot measurements within a postcode area.

The final availability of digital services (Freeview) is governed by the local transmitter coverage, availability of services (MUX’s) and a clear line of sight to a suitable digital transmitter in your area.

In most cases only a physical signal assessment / system inspection carried out by an Aerial Engineers can verify if a dwelling/ site is able to receive adequate digital signal levels from a local digital transmitter. 

Note: Clients/ Viewers should be aware that signal reception can be affected by local obstacles such as tall buildings, tall trees and the local topography (hills/ dales etc)